Associated Services is celebrating the retirement of our San Leandro Branch Warehouse Manager, Fred Smith. Fred began his journey with Associated Services in 1988 (wow!) and has been a key player in the success of our business. It was Fred’s job to make sure we always had enough product in the warehouse to ensure our customer’s orders were fulfilled.  Not only did Fred take care of the San Leandro facility, he helped our other branch locations with product they may have forgotten to order. Fred would be the first person you call if you need help!  He ran a tight ship but was always there to lend a hand whenever anyone would ask.

Fred enjoyed working for Associated and always came in with the mindset of doing the best job he could do for that day, every day. He enjoyed our company events and says he will miss all of the friends he made while working at Associated.

One very important piece of advice Fred wanted to lend to who will fill his shoes when he leaves, is to always be fair. Fred would also like to say a big Thank You to Hal, Diane and Tom Steuber. They have made Associated Services a great company to work for.

And on a personal note, Fred and his wife Candi enjoy trying their luck at the local casinos or in Reno!  Prior to starting work with us, Fred had worked at General Motors in the Reno area and when he retired from this job, he moved to the Bay area.  It was our good fortune to have him walk into our offices looking for work 30 years ago.

Fred is a huge basketball fan – Warriors are “his team”.  He really likes all sports and keeps his finger on the pulse of what is going on in the sports arena.  He loved to debate about sports with his co-workers.

We are happy for Fred’s retirement and he will have more time to spend with family and friends.

But Fred will be missed here. Thank you, Fred, for being a part of Associated Services; you will always be a part of the Associated family. We wish you a happy retirement.


Fred Smith with Hal, Tom and Diane Steuber
From left to right: Hal Steuber, Diane Steuber, Fred Smith and Tom Steuber
Fred Smith with Hal, Tom and Diane Steuber
From left to right: Hal Steuber, Fred Smith, Diane Steuber and Tom Steuber



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