Associated Services is celebrating the retirement of our Service Technician Extraordinaire, Guido Tateo. Guido started his journey with Associated Services in July of 1992. Hailed as Guido the “Magnificent” by some of his customers, his superior service was always the talk of the town.

We wanted to share some words from Guido:

“Working at Associated was enjoyable in that the work environment was easy, no pressure and friendly. One of my favorite memories was the day I was hired. I was interviewed by Dick Wheeler for the position of Shop Technician. The interview went well and Dick told me that they would get in touch with me within the week. When I got home and was checking my phone messages, there was one from Dick saying that I could start on July 13th; in other words, right away. It was a great surprise to hear that I had gotten the job so quickly.

I will miss my customers the most. I have built so many good relationships over the years that will truly be missed. I would definitely recommend Associated as a career choice. It is a great family business to work for and each day I felt like I was starting the workday with an extended family.

Although my shoes will be hard to fill, my replacement should have a positive attitude, enjoy what they’re doing, and don’t stress. After all, it’s only coffee!

I would like to thank Hal, Diane and Tom Steuber for the opportunity to work for such a great company for the past 24 years. It has been a pleasure.”

Great Job Guido. You were well loved and always knew exactly how to bring out the best in others. We thank you for your 24 years of dedicated service and commitment to each customer. You will always be a part of the Associated family. We wish you a happy retirement.

Associated Services Wishing Guido A Happy Retirement C1


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