Finding good employees is a challenging task for any company, and retaining them can be just as hard. Companies that promote employee happiness and make sure that their employees feel valued are providing a superior workplace environment that minimizes turnover and encourages long-term employment. Let’s go over some key points of why long-term employees are so valuable.

Firm Knowledge Base

Employees who have been with a company for a long period of time have a great deal of knowledge regarding products, services, company culture and more. They have been a part of the changes that have taken place and grown right alongside of the company.

Invaluable Support System

Each time a new employee is hired on, they must be trained and there is always a learning curve to overcome. Long-term employees have already undergone that initial process and continue to undergo it every time there are changes and, such as new products, procedures, etc., They are valuable assets because they not only can run on their own, they are able to problem solve topics that new hires may struggle on which prevents a manager from handling general questions and frees up time for everyone.

Indicates Stability

Long-term employees reflect a stable work environment and in most cases indicate happy employees. Each time turnover occurs it tends to disrupt the work environment because the workload must be redistributed to account for the lack in coverage. Furthermore in a struggling economy, long-term employees indicate a secure work environment.

Long-term employees are happy employees

We all know that we must work for a living and what’s better than to love where you work. There are many factors within a company that make for happy employees, whether it’s the welcoming and nurturing environment, great leadership systems, perks or even the atmosphere of your fellow coworkers.

Valuing your employees

We at Associated Services indeed know the importance of valuing our employees. In addition to other activities, each year we celebrate as a team at our annual company party during which we recognize those who have made exceptional contributions to the team as well as celebrating service history. In fact, many of our employees have upwards of twenty to thirty year service history. Now that says a lot!

This week at Associated, we celebrated the 40th year of Cass Pierceall. Cass has been with the company since 1975. Cass has worked in nearly every position in the company from sales to delivery to installation to operations management. In his current position of Account Executive, Cass helps to bring happiness to some of our most valuable customers as well as signing up new customers. Over his many years of experience, Cass has worked with many of the leading companies in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Since Cass has 40 years of experience, there isn’t much that he hasn’t seen in the refreshment world. His customers appreciate Cass’s can-do and always positive attitude.