Every year, our procurement team attends Expo West, the leading trade show for all things healthy, organic and natural, to find the latest and greatest in the world of snacks for you and your employees. Each year, there’s always an emerging trend, and here are the Snacking Trends in 2024 we found. Some trends from last year have come and gone, while others seem to be sticking around like prebiotic and functional beverages, and regenerative farming. Samples have been ordered and we cannot wait to share our favorites from this year’s finds!

Prebiotic Beverages

Prebiotics are a special type of fiber that can act as food for healthy bacteria in your gut. A trend that continues to gain momentum, prebiotics can be found in many emerging beverage brands—some of which you might already be enjoying.

  • Mayawell

Mayawell - Snacking Trends 2024 - Associated Services

Mayawell uses a proprietary Active Agave which is low in fructose and has a low glycemic index. It’s the ideal alternative to cane sugar and funky tasting sweeteners like Stevia. In stock now!

  • Poppi

Poppi - Snacking Trends 2024 - Associated Services

Poppi’s a modern soda that combines agave inulin, apple cider vinegar (ACV), and fruit juice to give you all the soda feels with 25 calories or less, 5g sugar or less, and prebiotics. Coming soon!

  • Sunsip

SunSip - Snacking Trends 2024 - Associated Services

A gut-healthy soda with benefits that delivers the flavor you love and good stuff you need! With 5g of Sugar or less, Sunsip is sweetened with fruit juice, monk fruit & cane sugar …NO stevia!

Honey & Real Sugar

Real, natural forms of sugar seem to be making a comeback, leaving stevia and monk fruit behind in the dust.

  • Just Ice Tea

Just Ice Tea - Snacking Trends 2024 - Associated Services

With both unsweetened and “Just Sweet Enough™” options using agave, Just Ice Tea has a phenomenal variety of organic teas. Insiders scoop: Just Ice Tea is co-founded by the co-founder of Honest Tea, Seth Goldman. Coming soon!

  • Spare Tonic

Spare Tonic - Snacking Trends 2024 - Associated Services

Crafted with antioxidant and nutrient rich honey, Spare Tonic tonics are a refreshing, chef-crafted way to revitalize your body with key nutrients, protein, and probiotics from fresh, upcycled whey.

  • Day Trip

Day Trip - Snacking Trends 2024 - Associated Services

This crisp, effervescent, sun-drenched refreshment is infused with an uplifting proprietary terpene blend with 5g of clean prebiotic fiber sourced from organic agave. Daytrip Prebiotic Sodas are certified USDA Organic, Vegan, Gluten-Free and only 30 calories, sweetened by a pinch of organic cane sugar.

Hops Water & Non-Alcoholic Alternatives

While we think this may not be destined for the office, it’s definitely a trend you’ll start to see when shopping at your local retailer.

  • Recess

Recess - Snacking Trends 2024 - Associated Services

0% ABV craft mocktails with real ingredients that taste like your favorite cocktail without the consequences.

  • Hive₂O

Hive2O - Snacking Trends 2024 - Associated Services

Hive₂O is a premium brand with an ecological impact. They are passionate about Honeybees, the creation of sustainable products and the greater good.

Hoplark - Snacking Trends 2024 - Associated Services

Craft sparkling water with hops that is alcohol-free, gluten-free and vegan.

Electrolyte Beverages

Redesigned take on classic electrolyte beverages without all of the bad stuff.

  • ShineWater

Shine Water - Snacking Trends 2024 - Associated Services

Created by physicians and clinically tested, ShineWater delivers real health value rooted in nutritional science. They address micro-nutrient deficiencies by delivering meaningful amounts of the vitamins your body needs most.

  • Local Weather

Local Weather - Snacking Trends 2024 - Associated Services

Local Weather is a functional sports drink made for however you choose to move, without leaving your mind behind. This is proper hydration for your body as well as your brain, superpowered with adaptogens, nootropics, and only 6g of cane sugar.

  • Hint

Hint Electrolytes - Snacking Trends 2024 - Associated Services

Hint Water is a loving staple. Fruit-infused, Flavored Water With no Sugar, No Diet Sweeteners, No Calories and coming soon: Sparkling with Electrolytes.

Regenerative Farming

We are excited to see the uptick of regenerative farming initiatives. At its core, regenerative agriculture is the process of restoring degraded soils using practices (e.g., adaptive grazing, no-till planting, no or limited use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizer, etc.) based on ecological principles. Regenerative agriculture strives to work with nature rather than against it. (From Noble Research Institute)

Lundberg - Snacking Trends 2024 - Associated Services

Lundberg believes in caring for their land and the creatures who live on it. For decades, they’ve been growing rice in support of their generations-old founding principle to leave the land better than they found it. Not only by farming organically without herbicides, but by going the extra mile to prioritize the health of their soil and support the ecosystem in and around their rice fields. Bulk mini rice cakes in stock now!

Cheddies - Snacking Trends 2024 - Associated Services

Cheddies Cheese is Certified Organic and comes from a Verified Regenerative Farm! Making the best cheese cracker means starting with the best cheese. Their cheese comes from Alexandre Family Farm in California. They follow a holistic approach to farming that goes beyond organic practices. In stock now!

And Some of our Favorites

While these may not fit one of the latest trends, they were some of our favorite finds from this year’s show that we think will be the perfect snack for your office. Don’t be surprised if you see these in sample bags, along with some of the other featured snacks, in the upcoming months.

  • Clio Yogurt Bars

Clio Yogurt Bars - Snacking Trends 2024 - Associated Services

Clio bars are the perfect anytime snack or guilt-free dessert. You’ll find yourself enjoying every scrumptious, mouth-watering, blissful bite of sweet dark chocolate, Greek yogurt, and fruit.

  • Top Fox Snacking Seeds

TopFox Snacking Seeds - Snacking Trends 2024 - Associated Services

Pop-roasted & super crunchy, simple, clean high-protein super snack.

  • Moku Mushroom Jerky

Moku Mushroom Jerky - Snacking Trends 2024 - Associated Services

Jerky is great, but its environmental footprint isn’t. So, Moku created one that captures the texture & flavor of jerky with the power of plants. Whether you are full vegan or just dabble with meatless Mondays, just one bag is a step in the right direction.

In conclusion, the offerings from both emerging and long-standing brands excite the highlighted Snacking Trends in 2024. We’re excited to see if these trends continue into 2025 and what new trends will emerge.

Until then, snack on, friends!


Excited by any of these items and wish to see them available for your product mix? Send us your thoughts! We’d love to hear from you.