Associated Services is celebrating the retirement of our Concord Branch Manager, Bob Surman. Bob started his journey with Associated Services through an acquisition of a company named Coffee Service Co. back in 1995 where he began working as their route driver.

Bob is truly a route delivery-salesperson at heart. He is super knowledgeable with route work and loves talking to people.  And a little known fact about Bob Surman is that he has an uncanny memory for numbers!  Just talking to him about a customer, Bob will launch into “Oh yes that is customer #………… “.  Then Bob would continue to tell you their address and what supplies we provide them with.  He always enjoyed getting out of the office and visiting with his customers.

Years ago, Bob used to work with a group performing western shoot outs at various tourist towns throughout Northern California.  He loves western movies, towns and really looked like one of the old cowboys!

Another fact about Bob Surman is that he and his wife Judy are “dog” people. They currently have a beautiful husky named Rudy.  He goes everywhere with them and is just one of the family!  Favorite place to go is to a dog friendly beach where Rudy can just run, jump and play.

And when Bob is not doing a western shoot out or at the beach, you might find Bob and Judy in a local casino!  Las Vegas is probably at the top of their list though for gambling.

Co-Founder of Associated Services, Diane Steuber has a great story to share about Bob:

“A story I like to tell took place around 25 years ago. At this time, when I went cold calling for new customers for Associated, many times I would be in Walnut Creek.  When I went into offices, they would show me their coffee break room, and many times I would see a calendar posted by their coffee brewer.  At the top of the calendar was printed: Bob’s Coffee Service. They would tell me how they liked Bob’s coffee service, and they wouldn’t change services.  I thought it was a coffee company called, Bob’s.

Later on Hal and I bought Coffee Service Co. of San Jose.  Guess who worked there, Bob. He worked for them 17 years! He started working for Associated, 22 years ago, and what a great sales person, and manager he has been.  Bob’s coffee service continued at Associated Services. 39 years in the Coffee Service profession!”

Bob brought a lot to Associated with his many years of experience and knowledge in the coffee industry.  But, now is the time for Bob and Judy to open a new chapter!

Thank you Bob for being a part of Associated Services; you will always be a part of the Associated family. We wish you a happy retirement.

Bob Surman, his wife Judy and the Associated Team

Photo Collage of Bob Surman's Retirement Party