Attracting talented employees can be tough. But retaining them can be even tougher. Employees need incentives to stay with the company they work at. Otherwise, the temptation to quit and join a different business may be too high for them to resist.

Top talent is a huge asset to any company, big or small. And fortunately, there are ways to retain it. One of them is to upgrade your amenities system.

Amenities cover any additional perks or desirable aspects of a job, such as comfortable offices, free coffees and lunches, or discounts on company products. But it’s time for companies to look beyond these basic amenities and get more creative about what they offer their employees.

Take a closer look at the importance of a strong talent retention strategy and browse through some innovative office amenity ideas that can motivate loyalty among talent.

Why Talent Retention Should Be A Number One Priority

High performing employees know their value. And naturally, they are more likely to want to stay with employers that recognize that value for what it is worth.

Company benefits are among the most sought-after perks for modern-day employees.  This means that businesses need to seriously consider whether what they offer can compete with those around them.

The better your amenities are, the easier it is to both attract and retain top talent, thus making your business more profitable and sustainable in the long run. It also stimulates productivity, employee engagement, and brand loyalty.

So even though some amenities can be costly, the payoff is well worth the investment. But which amenities are most in demand, and what can your company provide that rises above the competition? Read through the following list to find out.

  • Flexible work hours and location

By and large, one of the most in-demand amenities in the world right now relates to flexibility. Namely, flexible work hours and flexible work locations.

Businesses that offer their employees the option to work from home tend to get more job applications and retain talent for longer than those with rigid work systems. Ever since the pandemic, people have become accustomed to the freedom that hybrid work provides.

  • Commute budget

Daily commute costs have skyrocketed in recent years, and employees are struggling to keep up with them. Providing employees with a commute budget or reimbursement plan can drastically improve their relationship with your company.

This kind of amenity shows employees that you value their presence and contribution to the workplace more than the petty cost of their journey to it. It can also improve attendance.

  • Birthday leave

While many companies will provide a cake or confectionary for employees on their birthdays, very few go the extra mile to offer a full day off of work.

Think about it; as an employee, would you rather go into work on your birthday for a free cake, or stay at home to relax and celebrate in private? The answer is pretty obvious, and who could blame them? Birthday leave is an uncommon but highly desirable amenity.

  • Free, healthy snacks

The occasional free meal is a great amenity to start off with. But you can take things a step further by offering a variety of free, healthy snacks and beverages for your employees.

People don’t always want to eat a full meal during work hours, but almost everyone likes to snack. Snacking is also a very work-conducive way to re-energize on the go, especially if it is of the healthier variety. Quality snacks are also easy to buy in bulk.

Studies show that healthy work snacks boost employee morale, stimulate productivity, improve employee well-being, and even facilitate better work relationships. They’re also still relatively new to mainstream amenities, making them extra desirable to talented employees.

  • Pet-friendly work environment

Of course, you can’t turn your office into a doggy-day-care—there are way too many potential hazards waiting to happen. But something you could offer is a bring-your-pet-to-work day to boost office morale and give employees an opportunity to socialize in a new context.

Assuming the pets that come into the office are trained, clean, socialized and well-behaved, bringing beloved animals into the office can contribute to employee wellness and make people happier.

Naturally, before implementing an amenity of this kind, it’s important to get everyone’s consent and screen for any allergies that may be present.

  • Maternity and paternity leave

Maternity and paternity leave are two of the most underutilized and sought-after amenities in the world. Only around 40% of US-based companies offer paid maternity leave, and even fewer offer paid paternity leave. Yet, it’s one of the most common reasons people take time off work.

Paid—even partially—maternity and paternity leave are two of the most powerful amenities you can offer your employees. Because of how rare it is, top talent is likely to pick a company that offers this benefit over the competition.

  • Half-days in summer

Morning grogginess may be something many people struggle to shake, but studies show that people are least productive on Friday afternoons, especially when the weather is warm. Offering half workdays in the summer means that people get to enjoy a better work-life balance and develop a much more positive workplace association.

If you’re worried about productivity, don’t be. Shifting the work hours around to accommodate earlier departures shows no signs of negatively impacting performance. As long as employees are able to complete the tasks that are required of them before they leave, everyone is happy.


Wrapping Up

Without an appealing amenities system, retaining top talent can be a difficult task. High performing employees know their worth, and they’ll take it elsewhere if they’re not feeling appreciated enough by your company.

By reassessing your amenity offerings, your company can elevate its appreciation program and create a much more welcoming, fulfilling, and future-oriented environment for its employees.

Adding fun, desirable, and refreshing amenities to your company also means that top talent is likely to stay put, and you’ll have an easier time attracting new employees. Great amenities also boost productivity and engagement, thus strengthening your company as a whole.


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Article by Jessica Romero

Jess is a freelance writer. She is a lover of everything organic and is passionate about making the world last a little longer, one paperless copy at a time.