We recently shared an article from Newsday on our Facebook page about why office snacks are great for productivity. The article discusses retaining employees through focusing on ways to increase employee happiness. Companies have traditionally always focused on the “big picture” ways to keep employees satisfied, which usually involves the benefits, retirement, and vacation packages they’re offered upon their hiring. Today both large and small businesses are increasingly looking at what perks they can offer employees in the office, on a daily basis, to make their workday a little brighter, more productive, and more rewarding.

Take a look at the stats from the study of 1000 office workers cited in the article: while 56% of full-time employees are “extremely” or “very” happy with their current jobs, the number jumps to 67% for those whose companies provide free food. Furthermore, 48% of job seekers say they weigh the availability of company perks, including free snacks, in their decision. With numbers like that, winning employees over with a great snack and beverage service is just good business sense.

These stats tie in very well with the mission and philosophy behind what we do at Associated – provide high quality, customizable coffee, beverage, and snack services to office breakrooms across the nation. We find that it’s a surefire way to keep employees satisfied throughout their workday. Sure, not everyone will find a free seltzer machine or 10 different types of tea “life-changing” but having enough options to keep a variety of tastes and appetites satiated is still a pretty great offering, in our opinion. Feeding someone is one of the best ways to demonstrate that you care about them and their well-being, especially if it’s thoughtfully selected, healthy food. Meeting in the breakroom (or back in the day, around the water cooler) is still the best way for co-workers to spend a little downtime together and get to know each other better. Bonding over food (or making someone a latte) is an easy way to foster a friendly and collaborative environment.

Associated is proud to offer a huge variety of healthy options with our snack service. Whether you want a full-service weekly delivery or more of an a la carte option, we make it easy to design your own company’s snack program. Check out our Snacks & Beverage program page to get more information on everything included (usage reports, equipment, set-up, etc) or request a quote.