One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is to cut down auxiliary spending and save money. Since coffee is likely something most people can’t live without, we’ve listed some clever ways to save money on your coffee habit.

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Use Cash Instead Of Plastic – This trick really works. Studies have shown that consumers spend less when it’s cash that they’re using instead of their cards.

Be Aware Of How Much You Are Spending – A small expense adds up over time, especially with something as simple (yet also a necessity) like coffee. Keep those prices in mind when you indulge.

Order Smaller Sizes – If you’re not ready to give up your favorite specialty coffee drink, try ordering it in a smaller size. It will give you the same indulgence and you will save money.

Order Black Coffee – Instead of those sweet, calorie laden frappés give black coffee a try. It is the best way to drink your coffee after all, from a health standpoint. This way, you’ll also have more caffeine bang for your buck. And, it’s always the less expensive option.

Bring Your Own Mug – If you didn’t know, most local coffee shops will reward you with a small discount when you bring your own mug. The savings, which is usually $0.10 – $0.20, adds up after time. But as an added bonus, you are also saving the environment from unnecessary waste. You can go social with a photo of you and your coffee by using #BYOM.

Get Creative – Specialty coffees are what hit your wallet the hardest. But, if you feel in the mood for one, there are ways to make a great tasting drink for less. Order an iced latte over a frappé drink and try a hit or two of syrup (if the shop doesn’t hit hard for it).

Download Coffee Apps – Level Up and Cups are both great apps that help you save when you purchase your coffee. Level Up allows you to pay with your phone and gives you rewards every time you go to your coffee shop. Cups has prepaid coffee plans for some of your favorite local go-to spots and it allows you to save up to 40% off.

Social Media – Whenever there’s a special most coffee shops will go social about it. Check if the coffee shops you go to have a social page and give them a follow to stay tuned special offers that will save money.

Gift Cards – In most cases you can find unwanted gift cards at discounts. Some people list their unwanted gift cards on Ebay or Craigslist, and you can also find them on sites like

Cut Down On Coffee Shop Visits – Cutting down on the coffee shop runs will in turn cut the cost of your coffee expense, especially if you drink more than one cup of take-out coffee a day. You could try to set a limit, or designating specific days of the week where you allow yourself to indulge in take-out coffee.

Get Premium Coffee At The Office – There’s nothing better than that first cup of coffee in the morning. If you’re lucky enough to have premium coffee in the office, you really aren’t paying anything for coffee. And that is one of the best things any coffee lover could ask for.

For more information on how your office can get set up on a premium coffee service, click here.

Make It At Home – Home brew is the way to go if you’re really trying to save money. If you purchase one cup of coffee a day from your local coffee shop, which on average could run about $3- $5, that is $90 – $150 per month. And that’s coffee alone. Chances are you may pick up a sweet treat while you’re there.

Invest In Quality Machines – Don’t be overwhelmed by the number of different coffeemakers that are available. Take your time and check out some reviews. Coffee gurus swear that the pour over method makes the best cup but people who are more sensitive with time may prefer drip. You decide which method works best for you. Whichever way you go the equipment pay for itself over time – quicker if you are a true coffee addict. Don’t forget about a milk frother if you like those specialty drinks!

Buy Whole Beans Instead Of Ground – Even though using ground beans can be a time saver, you may actually be wasting money. Whole beans stay fresher longer. Ground coffee, once the package is opened, retains peak flavor for a few days to a week tops. And if you’re not consuming that entire bag of coffee in a week, you may not like how it is starting to taste and decide to get rid of them. That’s literally throwing your money away, and no one likes doing that.

Expensive Doesn’t Mean Good – In a blind taste test performed by food critic Adam Platt, he ranked 7 cups of coffee, of which Starbucks ranked last. Their coffee is $2.11 vs. $1.79 for Dunkin Donuts. Calculate the savings and you’re looking at over $200 per year, and that’s just with take-out coffee. So explore and give new things a try.

Spice Is Nice – If you’re getting a little bored with plain coffee, make your own flavored coffee. Experiment with aromatics like cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg and citrus like orange and lemon peels. You can use extracts like vanilla and almond or even try dissolving a coco butter wafer or two for a chocolaty punch.

Members Only – If you run through enough coffee, it may be worthwhile to join a coffee club to take advantage of their money saving offers.

Make Coffee Ice Cubes – If you happen to brew too much coffee then fill some ice cube trays so it doesn’t go to waste. Coffee Ice cubes are the perfect thing to use to make your own iced coffee, without it getting watered down.


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