Coffee isn’t just a perfect beverage, but it is a perfect thing to incorporate into your crafts. Check out the top 10 ways you can get crafty with coffee. They are simple, fast and super affordable. Best of all, they will create one of a kind creations that are to die for!

Coffee painting of a deer

Make wood look antique-chic

staining wood with coffee
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The following technique makes new wood look antique. To make the stain, you only need 3 ingredients a jar to put them in. Combine vinegar, coffee grounds and one steel wool pad then wait 24 hours and you’ll be good to go. PS, the steel wool gives the wood a beautiful silvery-grey tint. Full directions here.


Naturally dye Easter eggs

coloring easter eggs with coffee
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Did you know that you can dye Easter eggs naturally? These directions show four colors to choose from and you guessed it, one of them utilizes the power of coffee.


Craft your own paint

a painting with coffee
Image Source: odditycentral, art by Godfrey Caleb

Coffee grounds and water; that’s all you need to make your own fast and easy nontoxic paint. Use different amounts of coffee and water to create different tones and as you repeat applications you can create spectacular depth. Check out some of the breathtaking coffee art from 6 well known coffee artists.


Make a concrete stain

staining concrete with coffee
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The deep tonality of coffee can also be used to stain concrete. Thrift Dee has an awesome tutorial that shows step-by-step how to transform a plain concrete walkway to give it a similar depth and color to flagstone.


Coffee Soap

coffee soap
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You can even give yourself a caffeine boost while cleansing! And, you can re-purpose your leftover coffee grounds. Popsugar has an excellent recipe that shows you how to make your own exfoliating coffee ground soap.


Coffee Candles

coffee candle
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Another fun way to get crafty with coffee: Make your own candles. Instructables has completely up-cycled instructions on how to make them. Add a drop or two of vanilla essential oil for an even sweeter aroma.


Air Freshener

coffee air freshener
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Did you know that coffee is a natural deodorizer? And, this is probably the easiest tutorial out there. If you’re crazy about coffee, give this a try. It’s perfect for your car, gym bag, heck- anywhere really.


Pin Cushion Filling

coffee pin cushion filling
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If you fill your pin cushion with coffee grounds it will prevent your pins from rusting and keep them sharp. And it acts like an air freshener; bonus! If you are using spent coffee grounds, be sure to dry them thoroughly first!


DIY Fossils And Footprints

DIY coffee clay
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This is a really great idea for the little ones to get crafty with coffee. All it takes is spent coffee grounds, cold coffee, salt and flour. Once the mixture cut out and flattened, you can use the paws plastic figurines (such as dinosaurs) or shells and make impressions into it. If you want to keep them permanent, they can be baked.


Antique Paper Staining

antique paper staining with coffee
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You can use coffee to dye paper or sheets of stationary to give it an antique finish. Simply dip the sheets into a mix of coffee grounds and water. Hang to dry then brush off any remaining coffee grounds. Crafting A Green World can show you how to do it step by step here.