Many can agree that nothing quite beats a freshly brewed cup of coffee in the morning and with all of the at-home brewing tools available these days there are more ways to go about making a cup of joe than ever. So having a dedicated space to brew and keep your equipment is essential. And while nothing can fully replicate the feeling of stepping into your favorite coffeehouse we’ve reached out to the coffee experts from Sacramento to Miami to help you create the most authentic coffee shop experience possible with the ultimate home coffee bar.

At Home Coffee Experience
Photo Courtesy of Emerald Ox
Start with a clean and tidy workspace

In order to create the perfect home coffee corner, there are a few things that you can simply not go without. First, is a clean and tidy workspace in order to create the blank canvas necessary to focus on your craft, which is producing the perfect cup of coffee. Coffee is both an art and a science and your cup of coffee is the experiment and the masterpiece all brewed into one beautifully edible treat. Second, you need some good tunes to accompany you while you brew. Everyone knows that what makes or breaks a coffee shop is their music. While there is no right or wrong choice when it comes to selecting music for your home cafe (after all you are your only audience) it’s more about feeling the vibe of the day and choosing how you’d like to start it and with what artist you’d like to sing or dance along to. Finally, we recommend having some coffee table reads (National Graphic Magazine, NYT crossword puzzle, Drift Magazine, etc.) to enjoy when you finally sit down to sip your coffee in your home coffee corner, patting yourself on the back for being the owner, barista, customer, and metaphorical yelp reviewer after. You are a one-man/woman show and while there are a billion details that go into making a cup of coffee brilliant, the most important is how much fun you have while making it, and how it serves as a cup of calm before the storm of whatever your day might bring. Enjoy! – Breck Coffee Roasters

Give it a view

When looking for a functional and comfortable coffee nook I look for two things: a window and accessibility to utilities. If you can look out a window while brewing your morning cup it’s all the more reason to wake up in the morning! Make sure the location is accessible to water, trash, and electricity and you will be all set. – Backyard Beans Coffee Co.

Quality coffee is a must

Freshly roasted coffee and a really good grinder (we suggest a Baratza Encore) will transform any home coffee experience. Making sure your grinder is on the appropriate setting will ensure the perfect cup. No matter the preferred brewing method, grind uniformity and fresh coffee will make any home coffee experience elevated. – Barrington Coffee 

Support your local roasters

Beyond the aesthetics that make up a cozy coffee nook, we feel the coffee you choose for your space is key. So, be sure to explore the many great local roasters in your area. Being a family-owned small business ourselves, we know how important it is to support local businesses. Partnering with local roasters and making their offerings accessible to offices across the greater Bay Area is just one of the many ways we deliver happiness! – Associated Coffee

Chemex Coffee
Incorporate a free-standing cart

Using a free-standing cart allows you to create a coffee corner anywhere in your home. Let it be the focal point of every party! Even add open shelving above your cart to store the coffee cups. Displaying them is not only convenient but stylish. – My Rustic Modern Living

Think of your brewing tools as functional art

A coffee brewing station is the best way to transform your kitchen into an in-home cafe. With manual brewing equipment – like a Hario V60, Chemex, Kalita Wave, and gooseneck kettle – it’s easy to achieve form without losing functionality. You can even arrange your equipment on your countertop, floating shelves, or hutch in ways to make them showpieces. If you don’t have that kind of space in your kitchen, manual brewing equipment is small enough to put that it doesn’t take up a lot of space. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the unsightly power cords of automatic brewers and grinders cluttering up your countertops. – Noteworthy

Don’t skimp on the grinder

There are several important factors to creating the perfect home coffee bar. Believe it or not, you do not need fancy or expensive equipment. Just make sure you have a good burr grinder. The biggest thing that people overlook is water quality. Investing in a good water filtration system as well as finding a good local roaster will have you on your way to the best home coffee experience! – Weird Brothers

Regardless of whether you are brewing coffee on an espresso machine, drip brewer, or pour-over, a burr grinder is essential to every home coffee corner. This ensures the coffee is ground fresh and to a uniform size every time. This allows for an even extraction that makes every cup of coffee smooth and flavorful. We recommend our Dawn Patrol blend which is the perfect coffee every morning. – The West Bean

Make it your own

The best part of a coffee corner is that it is yours. It’s your own private coffee shop that you can experience a piece of the world in your home. A coffee corner does not need to be fancy- just let your style come alive or add character into your home through this space. Our home coffee corner has changed over the years. From a cute cart with our brew equipment and mugs hanging above it to mugs hanging in the kitchen above our makeshift island that holds all of the brewing equipment. Your coffee corner doesn’t need to be a literal nook or corner just use what you have and make it yours. Our essentials: A gooseneck kettle, a Chemex- for a group or our family’s multiple morning cups, a pour-over, a grinder, fresh and delicious coffee, and endless mugs. A coffee corner can become full fast so we suggest trying to keep it crisp and minimal. When you are hosting or making that first-morning cup, you don’t want to feel cluttered or dirty so try to keep the corner as minimal as possible. You’ll be surprised at how that cliche phrase of “less is more” can shine. – Emerald Ox

Invest in proper equipment

I would start with a dependable brewer.  I prefer one that uses a thermal pot so the coffee doesn’t burn from sitting on the burner.  I also like to grind my beans daily, so a small non-commercial grinder will do the trick.  I use the Bodum Bistro Grinder, which is perfect – Barnie’s sells this model on our website.  I suggest good porcelain mugs with a comfortable handle (maybe one that has a story). After all, your morning coffee routine should be an enjoyable experience. Lastly having quality coffee(s) is a must! – Barnie’s Coffee & Tea Co.

When creating the perfect coffee corner, you need to opt for the right coffee equipment, and it’s hard to beat smart coffee machines. With smart machines, you’ll be able to set scheduled coffee routines and get the most out of your mornings. There are many compact smart coffee machines on the market that can fit on a countertop and be paired with your phone or tablet to automate the brewing process so you can enjoy more of your breaks. – Market Inspector

We believe the best days begin with a delicious cup of coffee. Start your own morning coffee ritual with these few tips. Having the best coffee equipment is crucial; we suggest a burr coffee grinder and freshly-roasted coffee. Light, medium, or dark roast is up to you, but never compromise on freshly-roasted coffee beans! – Commonwealth Joe Coffee Roasters

Espresso Machine
Regularly restock your beans

Regularly restock your stash of freshly roasted, specialty-grade whole bean coffee.  Coffee peaks between three to seven days after roasting at which time it begins losing its flavor.  Do not grind your coffee until just before you use it as this dramatically accelerates the loss of quality and flavor.  No…storing your coffee in the freezer does not extend its shelf life! – Quintessa Coffee Roasters

Don’t neglect your water quality

A cup of coffee is over 98% water, so it stands to reason that if you use bad water with good coffee, you run the risk of dragging your cup quality down. Use reverse osmosis or distilled water, then consider a mineral compound additive that’s calibrated specifically for brewing coffee, such as Third Wave Water. – Ross Street Roasting


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