According to the National Association of Women Business Owners 40% of US businesses are women-owned. In fact, there are a total of 12.3 million women-owned businesses in the US. It’s an impressive total, especially when you consider that there were only 402,000 women-owned businesses in 1972. In celebration of International Women’s Day in March, we are featuring the fantastic offerings from these women-owned brands. We invite you to explore their stories and inspiration behind launching their brands.

Kate’s Real Food

Kate’s Real Food began with a passion for organic food and simplicity. Founder, Kate, made her own great-tasting, whole-food, energy bars to sustain her busy outdoor-lifestyle. She used the same food values taught to her during her time on her family farm and incorporated them into her recipes. After that, Kate had a local fan-base who insisted she sell her bars. There began her vision to inspire ‘the good life’. That lovingly means to enhance experiences, live a life of texture, and let delicious, organic foods be an integral part of life’s journey.

Flavors currently available: Dark Chocolate Cherry Almond, Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter

Equator Coffee

In 1995, when business partners Brooke McDonnell and Helen Russell began roasting coffee in a Marin County garage, it marked the beginning of their journey to build a high-impact coffee company focused on quality, sustainability and social responsibility.

Currently carrying the following roasts: Brazil 45, Equator Blend, Equator Blend Decaf, French Roast, Meridian Blend, Mocha Java, Tigerwalk, Seasonal Blend. 

Pop & Bottle

The Pop & Bottle story begins with great friends, Jash and Blair. As heath-conscious coffee lovers, they wondered why there were no high-standard ready-to-drink offerings available. Jash and Blair founded P&B to create a beverage that met their own standards. Their clean, dairy-free, organic beverages are now available to the millions of people who share their priorities and values.

Currently carrying the following Oatmilk Latte flavors: Classic, Matcha, Vanilla


Mozaics are popped then lightly misted with olive oil and sprinkled with hearty seasonings. Packed with plant protein and dietary fiber, Mozaics Real Veggie Chips deliver delicious nutrition with every bite. Mozaics are part of The Planting Hope Company Inc. Founded by experienced food industry entrepreneurs, The Planting Hope Company Inc. is a women-managed and led company focused on the three impact pillars of nutrition, sustainability, and representation.

Flavors currently available: Salsa, Sea Salt

Skinny Dipped

Women-owned, Skinny Dipped craft snacks are made to nourish your body and spirit. They believe everyone deserves to eat the kind of delicious, nutritious and clean food. They are committed to raising up and supporting women and the children they care for in both our local communities and around the globe. Above all they believe no one, especially a child, deserves to go without love or food.

Currently Carrying: Skinny Dipped Peanut Butter Cups


Bay Area-based Gr8Nola was founded by Erica, a former Olympic Trials swimmer, health nut and food lover. Gr8nola is small-batch made using organic coconut oil and other nutrient-dense superfoods. She strongly believes we should have access to snacks we love both because of the way they taste and what’s in (or not) inside of them. When she couldn’t find clean and great tasting granolas in stores, she was inspired to create her own recipe featuring nutrient-dense superfoods and no refined sugar.

Currently available: Gr8nola Original in 1.15oz and 4.5lb bags

Cooper Street

Ensconced in the family’s Colorado cabin located on Cooper Street, Michigan mom, Elaine Surnow, found a generations-old family cookie recipe and began to bake. Unsatisfied with all the big-company alternatives, and unwilling to compromise on taste, she was determined to build a better cookie. Using only simple and pure local ingredients, Elaine experimented until she created a delightfully crisp and light cookie. After that, the rest was history.

Flavors currently available: Lemon Blueberry Cookies, Orange Cranberry Cookies, Blueberry Pomegranate Oatmeal Bites 


Mush was founded on the simple belief that better foods create better outcomes. Their purpose is to help people maximize their potential by enabling them to feel, think, and do better. The company has grown from its early days when co-founder, Ashley would sell small handmade batches at local farmers markets in San Diego. For instance, MUSH is now a leading brand in its category. They are powered by a small but mighty team of passionate individuals who love to help others feel, think, and do better.

Flavors currently available: Blueberry

Finishing Up

In conclusion, when you support women-owned companies, you take part in promoting diversity, equality and their continued economic empowerment.

Looking to add some of these thoughtful and heath-forward offerings to your office pantry? Get in touch with us today.