It’s the holiday season! This month we thought we would do something a little different and poll are own team members to let us know what their favorite office snacks are of our offerings. As you may have guessed, our team is inundated with new snacks every week and constantly sampling out new things to bring to your office. So, becoming one our experts’ favorites is not an easy feat!

Way Better Avocado Ranch Chips

First up, we have the Way Better avocado ranch chips loved by Madisen @ Hellosnack. I’m sure many of you have worked with Madisen through the hellosnack service email. She knows all the ins and outs of our snack repertoire and made a delicious pick!

Field Trip Jerky

The Field Trip jerky is a crowd pleaser. It’s packed with protein and flavor which makes it a perfect go-to for our on-the-go sales reps, Corey and Wendy. Somedays our reps have back-to-back meetings and they have found that a quick pack of jerky is just what they need for an energy boost.

Kodiak Bars

These bars are new to us and are quickly growing in popularity due to their high protein and deliciousness! They also have the top spot for two members of our team: James and Jessica. Jessica is our business development expert and James is one of our snack reps. Both are very familiar with our snack lists and made an excellent decision!

Pipcorn Cheese Balls

Pipcorn has quickly become one of our staple brands and the cheese balls are flying off our shelves! Justin, our customer success coordinator, finds that these are his go-to snack when he visits the office.


We like to say these are “an oldie, but a goodie!” Oloves have been part of our snack lineup for years and they hold steady in popularity. Merritt, a snack account manager, says these are her #1 snack and we agree. You can’t go wrong with this low calorie, chip alternative, veggie bites!

Cheddies Spicy-Flavored

A spicy cheddar flavored cracker, yes please! We are all loving this new addition to our cheesy crackers, and they are the top choice for one snack rep in particular, Anthony!

Rice Krispie Treats

Who doesn’t love a Rice Krispie treat?! These have been included in office snack bins since the beginning of the office snack world! Our coffee rep, Matt, loves this classic treat when it’s snack time.

Snack of the Month Shoutout: Good Earth Sweet n’ Spicy Decaf Tea

This month we are highlighting one of our best teas for holiday time and cold and flu season. This tea is a rooibos tea which is naturally caffeine-free. It’s packed with nutrients from orange and cinnamon flavors to add a little more comfort and joy to your holiday season! Also available as a caffeinated black tea, too.


We hope that you have enjoyed getting to know our favorite office snacks, and we would love to hear about yours! If you recognize the names above, please share your favorite next time you talk with your rep. And be sure to let us know if there’s anything new you would like to add for your snack delivery!

Happy snacking!

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Article by Carly Corippo

Carly Corippo

Some of you may already know Carly Corippo as your account manager, but she also has a strong background in nutrition. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition and Food Sciences from California State University Chico while working throughout the community in different nutrition and wellness focused internships. After college, Carly started working here at Associated and is your go-to gal for all wellness and nutrition related questions or tips!