You probably know about coffee but let’s talk about coffee makers. Which one is right for you and your office?

Coffee machine at work

Coffee in the workplace has evolved from the archaic percolator to the gourmet single touch brewer. With so many choices to consider, what factors determine the unit to choose? Let’s start by summarizing the different brewers and their options. All automatic brewers Associated provides offer a hot water feature that allows teas, soups, and instant cocoa to be made quickly.


Our glass pot brewers are an excellent choice for the cost-conscious office with no extra charge for decanters. These units are available with 1, 2, or 3 burners depending on the needs and are used in applications with low clearances from counter to cabinets. They are easy to use and maintain with minimal effort between servicings.


Thermal brewers are a popular option due to convenience and the ability to keep the coffee fresher longer. This is achieved by not requiring the heat of a burner to keep the temperature; it is the heat that breaks down the coffee more quickly. No warmers also mean not worrying about turning the burners off at the end of the day or when the decanter is near empty. The thermal pots offer the ability to provide fresh coffee to a meeting room or lobby with a clean professional look. Thermals typically provide an excellent product for approximately 4 hours, and the footprint of the coffee makers is minimal.


Single-cup coffee makers like Flavia and Keurig offer a variety of coffee options that appeal to many. They offer a full spectrum of strengths and roasts, as well as teas, to satisfy the most discriminating taste. These machines allow the ability for everyone to get exactly the drink of their choice since it is an individual cup that is made. There are limits the amount brewed due to the quantity of coffee that can be packed into the pods for a single cup serving.


Our single cup gourmet touch brewers offer a Barista experience within the workplace. Fresh ground beans to prepare your individual selection provide the ultimate brewing process. Whether making an espresso, cappuccino, mocha, or café vanilla you can be assured it rivals the local café. Due to the complexities of these machines, Associated schedules skilled technicians to visit each location regularly for cleaning and maintenance.


Regardless of your situation Associated has the perfect machine for you. Feel free to contact us for more information and see how we can enhance your workplace with everything you need. We also have a snack program with healthy alternatives to the typical everyday candy and soda machines.




Written by: Brian Cook, Corporate Technical Manager