Shopping for fellow coffee lovers is probably one of the best parts of the gift-giving season. Check out the 30 best gifts that should be on your list. It’s likely you’ll wind up snagging a few of these for yourself at the same time. And hey, we’ve even linked the pictures for easier shopping.


3D Latte Art Maker

This awesome tool lets you make your own 3D latte right in the comforts of home.



Caffeine Molecule Necklace

When you have to represent your love for the world’s favorite stimulant.



Chemex Pour Over Coffee Maker

Brew like a pro with this rustically designed pour over.



Coffee Art Painting

This painting used Using only two shades of watercolor paint and a material that has inspired many of history’s most creative thinkers: coffee.



Coffee Bean Earrings

A perfect way to show your love of coffee: with some bling!



Coffee Cup Ring

More bling!



Coffee-lover’s Tote

Don’t you love it when you can find a tote that speaks your mind?



Couch Arm Table

Coffee table too far away for you? Keep your cup of Joe close to the couch with this couch arm wrap.



Creature Coffee Mugs

Creative novelty cups that are sure to draw attention.



Cup Holder Anywhere

Put a cup holder wherever you may need it.



Cuppow for Mason Jars

The mason jar are is legendary, and now you can enjoy your coffee on the go with them too.



Espresso Poster

This awesome poster will keep your coffee craving going.



Friis 16oz Coffee Vault

Stale coffee sucks, so be sure to keep it fresh.



Hand Crafted Wooden Coffee Spoon

A common tool turned into a work of art that any coffee lover can appreciate! It measures 8.75 inches long.



Handmade Coffee Soap

Specially formulated to remove odors from your hands, this handmade soap features all-natural ingredients like Espresso coffee grounds.



Hario Kettle for Pour Over

Features a goose-neck kettle that lets you precisely control the flow and direction of your hot water to your pour over.


Heated Coaster

Because no cup of coffee should ever go cold.



Joco Coffee Mug

The reusable glass coffee cup from Australia that cares about everything from your taste buds to Mother Nature.




An innovative lid prevents spills from jostles and drops. Drink from anywhere around the rim (no tiny hole to look for), and breathe in the free-flowing aroma.



OCD Coffee Artwork

Did you even know that OCD had a second meaning?




Personalized Coffee Spoon

A whimsical and unique way to express your coffee sentiments.



Prescription Coffee Mug

You won’t need doctor’s prescription for a refill.



Siphon Coffee Maker

Make coffee like a boss. Invented in 1830’s by Loeff of Berlin, the coffee siphon is known as a vac pot or syphon coffee maker.



Star Wars Coffee Mug

Super clever Starbucks and Star Wars mashup mug.



Tamping Mat

Protect your countertops and tamper from damage while you’re tamping.



Turkish Coffee Pot Set

A superb coffee set if you are looking for something unique and a little uncommon.



Unicorn Coffee Mug

Because everything is rainbows and unicorns once you have your coffee.



Vintage Style Coffee Shawl

Nothing beats coffee and a vintage coffee-themed shawl on a cold day.



Vintage Style Coffee Sign

A sign that understands just what coffee means to you.



Wash With Joe

If you’re a real coffee lover then check out this invigorating coffee blend body wash.



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