It’s easy to know what an employer is looking for in an employee. The job description lays out all of those details of course. But, do employers really know what an employee is looking for from them? With a growing number of ambitious start-ups and tech companies who have re-envisioned the workplace, things are definitely changing. And while alluring amenities are eye-catching, such as a fully stocked break room packed with quality snacks and premium coffee galore and a lounge with comfy couches complete with a big screen TV (perhaps several) to play videogames, we wanted to share the top 7 core aspects that employees are really looking for. And they all cost a company no expense.


Appreciation – Praise is top on the list for many employees looking for happiness. It may sound like a little thing, but it really has a huge impact on employee morale. Managers will go out of their way to let an employee know when something is done wrong or needs improvement. Of course, that’s they’re job. But, praise for a job well done goes a long way.


Flexibility – People want to know that flexibility exists. With the current working class, in most cases, caring for both their children and parents aside from their own needs, they’re walking around with a pretty full plate. With such full schedules, Employees want to feel like they can take care of urgent matters without jumping through all the “red tape”, which only adds to the stress.


Transparency & Values – Let’s cheer it: The people want to know! And what do they want to know? They want know in which direction the company is going, which roads they are investing in and what it is that is influencing their next steps. They what to know what impact the company is making locally and nationally. That communication channel is not only informative, but it keeps things clear so everyone who is a part of the company has the tools they need to understand just who they are devoting their priceless time to.


A Good Boss – After all, most employees don’t leave companies, they leave their bosses. A good boss, one who has a balance of both business priority and value for their employees as well as fairness will keep employees both engaged and happy.


Room For Individual Growth – We as humans have a natural desire to grow and that means employees want a company that can lead them somewhere great. And the more channels there are to learn and improve, the better. It gives employees the motivation to push for the success of the company.


Respect – This is perhaps the most important factor in job satisfaction. Even if you are pulling in a decent salary, no one wants to be treated poorly.


Security – Employees want to feel secure in how they provide for their family and for themselves. It’s a fundamental need, as simple as that.


Change itself is constant and it is an integral part of life even though we often resist it. We might not see it as such, but change will continue to happen whether we choose to embrace it or not. Embracing change will develop and grow alongside of it and continue to thrive in daily life. The best thing that can help overcome fear is positive thinking. Let’s explore a few positive aspects that could happen with changes to the workplace, here!