What’s one of the best ways to experience the changing seasons? Through flavors and aromas of course! Earthy spices, fresh peppermint, fruits like apple, orange, fig and pomegranate, and buttery-sweet scents all remind us of winter. Check out these tips on how to create winter vibes in your office coffee.

Seasonal Creamers

This is perhaps one of the easiest ways to experience seasonal flavors in your morning cup of coffee. Just peel back the lid and splash in a little taste of the holidays.

We recommend: Peppermint Mocha & Pumpkin Spice creamer cups by Coffee mate®

Seasonal Coffees

While each seasonal blend of coffee will differ depending on the roaster, winter blends are usually medium to dark roasts. Their flavor profiles are bold and complex, with tasting notes of warm spices like cinnamon and nutmeg, syrup, and dark chocolate.

We recommend: Holiday Blend whole bean coffee by Equator Coffees

Flavored Syrups

Whether you’re sippin’ on coffee, tea or even oat milk, adding a dash of flavored syrup can give your beverage an unexpected jolt of holiday cheer.

We recommend: Torani® Peppermint, Amaretto, Caramel and Pumpkin Spice syrups

Swap Your Creamer for Nog

For a unique, seasonal twist on your office coffee, try swapping plain creamer for nog.

We recommend: Clover Sonoma® Eggnog or Califia Farms® Holiday Nog (vegan)

When In Doubt, Spice It Out

Sometimes the simplest additions can transform your beverage into a seasonal masterpiece. If you’re enjoying hot chocolate, add in a dash of cinnamon or peppermint extract. For tea, try nut adding nutmeg and a splash of orange extract.

We recommend: Flavorganics® Orange Extract & Frontier Co-Op® Nutmeg

Seasonal Tea Bags

There are a host of hot tea blends that bring the comfort of the holidays to the office. Look for variations that are citrus and spice forward.

We recommend: Numi Orange Spice White Tea & 3 Roots Turmeric Tea, Good Earth® Sweet n Spicy Tea

Creamy Chai Spice

You can never go wrong with the sweet and creamy, dreamy blend of milk, cardamom, clove, cinnamon, and black tea. This instant drink is as fragrant as it is delicious.

We recommend: David Rio San Francisco Tiger Spice Chia®


If you’d like to add some winter vibes to your office pantry, contact your account representative or your local branch.

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