Handshakes are making a comeback, and the buzzing, dearly missed office chatter is beginning to resurface. The green light is on for employees to return to the office, yet some workers may still be a little hesitant to embrace the notion. The Washington Post reports that still “most big commercial buildings are still well below full capacity across the country” and notes the challenges companies face “getting a workforce that has grown accustomed to working from home fired up again about office culture.”

So how do you stir up the RTO excitement and give your employees the sense of safety they’re looking for? Take a look at some helpful tips below.

Create a Feeling of Safety

Implementing a proper COVID safety plan is key in giving your employees peace of mind. This can include the following:

  • Proper social distancing protocol
  • Accessible cleaning, hand hygiene supplies and face masks
  • Regular sanitation of the office space
  • Managing the flow of foot traffic which can help avoid close contact within tight spaces.
  • Communication guidelines available to address any concerns
Office Culture & Camaraderie

One of the things people missed most about the office was seeing their co-workers in person. Let’s face it, digital meets pale in comparison to genuine in-person interaction. Promoting and fostering an office environment that encourages peer-to-peer interactions (and doesn’t micromanage them) lends to increased morale and overall happy workers.

Team Building

Team building creates bonds and fosters collaboration. Via Workest by Zenefits, “Team building exercises are great building blocks for team management.” They can also “help put returning workers at ease and engage them in the workplace.”
Whether you’re unsure how to break the ice, or need Ideas, you can find some great examples here.

Bringing in new items and others that have been missed

It’s hard to beat in-office perks, especially the kinds that are hard to acquire at home like cold brew and kombucha on tap, and specialty snacks. Equipping your office with beloved offerings such as these, as well as functional, immunity-boosting items will surely generate buzz. Need help figuring out what to stock your office with? Get in touch with your snack guru for some helpful insight. If we aren’t delivering happiness to your office yet, give us a shout to learn more.

Maintain Flexibility

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of a healthy work-life balance and given options to those who don’t want to lose them as the “new normal” continues to unfurl. Providing options is now important more than ever. Offering Hybrid models and or providing an accessible shared workspace (For fully WFH models) helps employees maintain peace of mind and a physical location to collaborate.