Change itself is constant and it is an integral part of life even though we often resist it. We might not see it as such, but change will continue to happen whether we choose to embrace it or not. Embracing change will develop and grow alongside of it and continue to thrive in daily life.

We will all experience a multitude of changes both in our personal and professional lives. In the workplace, change can occur in many ways: as a result of new thinking, advances in technology, innovation, expansions – the list goes on. And changes in the workplace can be especially scary for some because they are things you often can’t control.

Being afraid of change is completely normal but realizing your fear is key. By recognizing that reaction (fear), you have given yourself the ability to change your perception (what filters and guides your thinking).

The best thing that can help overcome fear is positive thinking. Let’s explore a few positive aspects that could happen with changes to the workplace.

Learning and gaining knowledge – You get the chance to learn new processes and skills – things that could even add value when applied to your personal life.

Take on new and exciting responsibilities – You can make yourself even more of an asset by adopting and growing alongside of new changes.

Carve out a new career path – Change can create new career avenues within the company that didn’t exist before, which you can now be a part of.

Things stay exciting – If frequent change is practiced, as a method of periodic departmental upkeep for example, your workplace tasks won’t feel mundane or boring because they are always changing, always evolving.

Many people are happy avoiding change and are totally content with ‘playing it safe’. Many can say that it’s understandable. But, is it really? Being fearful is understandable, sure. But being fearful and avoiding change hinders productivity.

Change that’s made with purpose is progression; evolution.


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