Have you heard of Pokémon Go? Just kidding, of course you have. And if you’re one of the millions who are playing this augmented reality game then you’re probably like me and have your phone at the ready for when it’s break time to see what you can catch, especially if there is a Pokéstops just a stroll away.

You can’t deny the reaching effects of Pokémon Go. We’re seeing a resurgence of people who are disconnecting from their seats in search of these creatures. Local businesses are definitely benefiting because of the increase in traffic too; exceptionally so if they happen to be within range of a Pokéstop or a gym. I’ve personally added to this trend last Friday night while in Berkeley, deciding that after nearly two hours of walk-searching it would be a good idea to stop for a bite to eat at Khana Peena. They were located right between two Pokéstops so it was the perfect location to refuel both my Pokéballs and my stomach.

Embrace this get up and “Go” phenomenon. You may not need the game’s persuasion to pull you away from your desk to take your breaks, but it certainly boosts the excitement. And of course we all know that the movement is good for you. It’s very likely that many of your coworkers are playing the game too and the more the merrier. Grab a cup of coffee from the break room, go out and breathe some fresh air and have some fun.

And here’s to catching them all!

Pokemon Go Associated Coffee Pika 01



Article written by Shannon Vierra