How many of you wake up to the thought of your first cup of coffee? You are definitely not alone and we have 9 tips to share so that you can make the most of your coffee habit, for pro and novice coffee drinkers alike.

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Coffee Consumption In Intervals

Researchers have found that smaller and more frequent doses of caffeine are more effective than a large dose at once.


Alternate Your Cup Of Coffee With A Glass Of Water

Coffee acts as a diuretic so to replenish those fluids, drink a glass of water in between your coffee drinks.


Drink Coffee After A Learning Event To Boost Memory

Drinking coffee can boost your memory. If you have just attended a meeting or are getting started to work on a large project, try having a cup of coffee first to get those gears greased.


Coffee Can Improve Your Workout

Studies have shown that there are numerous ways you can benefit from coffee before your workout. Caffeine can increase metabolism by as much as 20%, improve circulation, improve your endurance and more.


You Benefit Most By How You Take Your Coffee

It should come as no surprise that what you get out of your coffee is based on what you put in it. Make the most of your coffee habit by drinking it straight up. Black coffee provides the most health benefits but if you have to sweeten it, try raw honey instead of sugar. Use plant based milk options (like coconut, almond or hemp) instead of dairy milk. Avoid artificial sweeteners and milk substitutes.


Afternoon Coffee is A-OK

If you are on a standard 8 to 5 work schedule, your body’s cortisol levels drop off around 1pm. So instead of drinking coffee right before or with lunch, try saving it for after.


Cut The Coffee 6 Hours Before Bedtime

The Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine notes that consuming caffeine six hours before bed or sooner has “important disruptive effects” on our sleep patterns. So, keep a watch on the clock when you’re drinking your last coffee for the day to make the most out of our coffee habit.


Don’t Worry About Drinking Too Much

Rob van Dam, Ph.D., assistant professor in the department of nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health, said that women who drank six cups of coffee a day exhibit no greater health problems than women who drank none. In fact he claims that the perfect range of consumption is between three and five cups, as it could potentially reduce risks of certain diseases.

*Caffeine effects people differently, so it is important to note that if you have sensitivities to caffeine you should be mindful of your consumption.


Make Your Own When Possible

When you make your own coffee you have control of what exactly you drink. And, it makes it easier to avoid those tempting mixes and toppers that have no real health benefits. As a bonus, it’s also much less expensive to make your own coffee too!