The afternoon slump is real and quite a few people deal with it on a daily basis. There are several things that can attribute to the slump but one thing’s for sure, there are things that you can do that can help.

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Did you know that stretching can give you a quick boost of energy? Try a few of these deskercises to relax and loosen those stiff muscles.


Take A Little Walk

Studies have shown that even small amounts of activity can keep you alert. Instead of emailing or calling colleagues, stop by their desks to ask a question face to face if you can.


Take A Break In The Sunlight

Basking in the sunlight will help reset your chronological clock and keep down the amount of melatonin your body produces during circadian dips. It also gives you an excellent boost in Vitamin D. You even try to take your lunch outdoors too.


Have A Snack

Eating a light snack can help boost energy levels. Trail mix, multi-grain crackers and hummus or cheese and veggies are great options. Choosing snacks that combine protein, fiber and complex carbohydrates will steadily raise your blood sugar levels and keep them up. Stay away from sugary snacks if you’re feeling the slump. They might give you a temporary energy boost but once it’s gone, you’ll find yourself back in the same slump, or worse.


Turn Up the Music

Listening to some favorite music can help you focus and feel more energized.


Switch Tasks

Research suggests that concentration declines after about an hour, and it only gets worse from there. If you are able to, try working on a new task for a while. This will help you stay stimulated and keep things fresh at your desk.


Have a Smaller Lunch

Eating a large lunch is harder on your body to digest and that’s one of the biggest causes of the afternoon slump. Opt for a smaller and satisfying lunch like an avocado quinoa salad or a black bean burger.


Get Enough Sleep At Night

We should all know that getting enough sleep is a vital part of staying awake and alert throughout the day. So be sure to get your sleep!


Drink Your Water

Dehydration has sleepy side effects so keep up on that water intake. If you’re not sure how much water you should be drinking, try this AI (Adequate Intake) calculator.


Work At A Stand Up Station

Staying on our feet could help avoid drowsiness and increase focus by keeping your blood circulating. And as a bonus, you stay warmer too. So get yourself a standing desk and get to it.



A midday trip to the gym can boost productivity and may even ward off sleepiness. It’s better to stick to light aerobic exercise before getting back to the office. And don’t worry if you don’t have time to hit the gym. You can try to work in some deskercises to help crush that afternoon slump.


Take a Catnap

Sometimes it’s best to just shut your eyes. Get yourself in a good power-nap (10-20 minutes) and wake up refreshed.