Happy New Year everyone! With the new year comes new trends, and we are noticing one on the rise in the world of snacks – BULK! Bulk office snacks are a great option to offer when trying to reduce waste and cost, but still provide a wide variety of options. We offer so many bulk options from nuts, trail mixes, cereals, to coffee, and sweeteners – we want to highlight some of our newest and favorite bulk options below!

Heirloom Bedrock Blend – Whole Bean Coffee

Welcoming a new roaster to our coffee repertoire has never been easier than with Heirloom! Not only are they local to Oakland, have fully biodegradable bulk packaging, and utilize regenerative farming, their high-quality coffee also tastes amazing. We have their dark roast, Bedrock Blend, available in a 5 pound bag.

Rocky Mountain Sweet Cajun Fire Trail Mix

Rocky Mountain is THE new kid on the block when it comes to bulk trail mix. Their tasty offerings and perfect flavor pairings are reviving the bulk industry. We offer their sweet Cajun fire trail mix in bulk now.

Lil Bucks Clusterbucks

We are so excited to be offering Clusterbucks! They are a granola cluster option that are good for your gut, low in sugar, and packed with flavor. They are a great add to a bowl of yogurt or in place of cereal!

Sensible Portions Veggie Straws

A cult classic snack, Veggie Straws, are a great add to any office. They are an allergen friendly, chip alterative that is easily dispensable from our bulk containers!

Lundberg Mini Rice Cakes

A low calorie, high-crunch snack that is great for the whole office! These mini rice cakes are a perfect add to your product list as a quick on-the-go snack or to pair with a dip!

Sunny Worms

An organic, Vitamin C fortified alternative to gummy worms. These sweet fruit candy worms provide a perfect pick-me-up treat for the office.

Dark Chocolate Almonds

Dark chocolate almonds are a perfect bulk option because you can dispense just the right amount to satisfy your sweet tooth with a bonus serving of protein!

Snack of the Month: Nutella with breadsticks!

We are so excited to have a new snack in our lineup that is in a category all its own! Nutella with breadsticks offers a sweet dipping snack option for your office. We all know that Nutella makes a delicious spread accoutrement to many of our crackers options, and now the two come together!


We hope that you are as excited about the return of bulk office snacks as we are! Please let your account manager know if you would like more information on our bulk selections and finding the best way to fit them into your own product mix.

Happy snacking!

To find out more about our offerings or to book a tasting for your team, give us a shout here!

Article by Carly Corippo

Carly Corippo

Some of you may already know Carly Corippo as your account manager, but she also has a strong background in nutrition. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition and Food Sciences from California State University Chico while working throughout the community in different nutrition and wellness focused internships. After college, Carly started working here at Associated and is your go-to gal for all wellness and nutrition related questions or tips!