Dear valued customers:

Thank you for all of your support over these last few weeks. During this time, we have adapted as best we can to be able to continue to provide office refreshments to the offices that need them.

Due to the announcement of a Shelter-In-Place for most of the Bay Area, we will be closing down most of our operations until we are given clearance to resume.

During this period, we will have a small crew that will continue working to provide essential services as follows:
In areas that are not under the Shelter-In-Place, such as Sacramento and Sonoma County, we will provide service to our customers to the best of our ability.
If your business is continuing to operate and you need deliveries that we provide, please contact your local office or the contact number below.
If your business experiences an urgent problem with equipment that we provide, we will have technicians on call to respond.

If you are a business providing essential services or if you have an emergency that we need to respond to, please contact us at 800-750-5282 or

Thank you. We look forward to resuming our service as soon as conditions allow.


Tom Steuber