Coffee and technology go hand in hand. They both evolve, grow and change to satisfy the demands of consumers. And they are the two things that most folks cannot live without. Technology has undoubtedly made our lives easier and now it is completely changing our coffee experience. Living in the digital age there is an app for just about everything so of course there are coffee related apps a-plenty. Whether you’re are a coffee expert, connoisseur or one that simply enjoys this heavenly liquid, these are definitely some of the best apps for coffee lovers:


01 Starbucks

Starbucks® – Android & iPhone

Starbucks® app gives its users the ability to mobile order and pay for drinks in advance, track rewards and send gift cards. It also has a store locator and a US only feature where you can discover what music is playing inside the stores. Awesome!


02 BaristameBaristame – Android

Available in both FREE and PRO editions. The Pro version includes a drinks section that breaks down popular espresso based drinks, a brew section that covers popular manual brewing methods, ratio calculator that automatically calculates coffee to water ratio, brew timer and a learning section that covers educational topics such as Beans, Roast, and Countries of origin, and more.


03 Coffee InCoffee In – Android

This app is perfect for anyone who is looking for new and exciting coffee recipes from around the world.


04 Coffee NerdCoffee Nerd – Android

Coffee Nerd has detailed instructions for manual brewing methods like French Press, Moka Pot, Aeropress®, Chemex®, Hario V60®, Siphon Pot and your regular automatic drip. It also has a bean calculator so that you can determine the precise amount for any number of cups, a brew timer and alarm, brewing rates and notes and a way to create your own custom brew.


05 AcaiaAcaia – Android & iPhone

With Acaia, you can meet other coffee lovers, share every coffee moment and culture, discover coffee news and get reviews on coffee beans! It has an instant bean to water ratio calculator, Coffee note and bean stash manager, advanced scale settings and more!


06 Barista Coffee DictionaryBarista Coffee Dictionary – Android & iPhone

This app is an A-Z dictionary for all levels of baristas and coffee lovers. It includes over 450 different coffee definitions consisting of descriptors, roasting, cupping and tasting, barista brewing and preparation, bean classifications and grading, coffee by origins and farming.


07 Art of CoffeeArt of Coffee – iPhone

The Art of Coffee on your iPhone allows you to make the most beautiful coffee art. Catering for beginners and professionals alike, choose from 33 designs to serve up in your coffee.


08 BeanhunterBeanhunter – Android & iPhone

Finding great coffee has never been so easy! Beanhunter allows users to add and review cafes from around the world, helping each other find “Coffee worth travelling for”. You can now find the best places for coffee whenever and wherever you are.


09 Catador CuppingCatador Cupping – Android & iPhone

Catador replicates the industry standard SCAA coffee cupping scoresheet with an easy-to-use system of sliders to rate sensory criteria and tick boxes to mark off-cups in the categories of Uniformity, Clean Cup and Sweetness.


10 PercolatorPercolator – iPhone

Percolator is a fun way to play with your photo library. It has intuitive dial-based controls with an elegant retro look. Share through email, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.